About Us

We LOVE Natural Skincare and creating products that actually work.

For 14 years Helena owned a beauty salon. Coming originally from the IT industry she was amazed at how much misinformation was out there about skincare and the beauty industry in general. Many of the products sold, sometimes at very high prices, did not work and even worse many of them were bad for you, or were just harsher than they needed to be.

After five years of selling an international brand of ingrown hair treatment to all her clinic’s waxing clients the feedback that she was getting was that they didn’t really enjoy using the product as it was alcohol based so it stung, smelt bad, was difficult to apply and dried the skin out. This didn’t seem right so she set about making her own. This endeavor involved 10 clients and about 5 versions of the product. Finally after everyone agreed that After Hair Balm eliminated all the problems of the other product and it really worked, After Hair Balm went into mass production and is now sold all over the world.

From there Helena started adding products to the range. She setup the brand www.foliagenaturalskincare.com and now that too is sold all over the world.


What We Provide:

What we provide actually works. If we produced products that didn’t work then you would not buy from us again. That would lead to disappointment for both of us, and we can’t have that!

  • Generally all our products are 100% natural and where possible organic
  • We are constantly adding to our range so you and your skin will never get bored
  • We are focused on quality ingredients that work not so much on our packaging although that is improving all the time!
  • Good enough is not good enough
  • Our products are great value for money – as well, you use less when they work!
  • We ship within 24 hours and we keep you updated

You become our friends. If you have a problem or need some advice from us then you can call us, although we are in New Zealand so if you are on the other side of the world you might have to stay up late to make the call.

  1. We care about solving our clients skin concerns
  2. We care about our clients
  3. We care about the environment and where possible use recyclable packaging

From After Hair Balm (very small beginnings) we have expanded and now have a natural skincare range which includes some very effective serums. All the products are manufactured here in New Zealand so you can feel confident that our skincare will enhance your skin not damage it.

If you do need advice on what products in our range might suit your skin type then please feel free to email us on admin@foliagenaturalskincare.com and we will get straight back to you. As well, if you would like to join our monthly Beauty Fix club then go to our site www.beautyfix.co.nz and sign up.

CALL US: *64 21905990


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